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The All Fired Up nearly here challenge!

While we're counting down the days to the release of ALL FIRED UP on Thursday December 18th 2014, I thought I'd set a little challenge. How fast can you put the cover together. Leave a comment below for a chance to win the first book in the series ALL NIGHT LONG!

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Get ALL FIRED UP Three weeks today!

All Fired Up is the follow-up to New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Madelynne Ellis' scorching rock star romance novel, All Night Long.

Ginny Walters always knew her weakness for bad boys would get her into trouble. Her one night stand with Black Halo's lead guitarist, Ash Gore, was only supposed to be a fun, not the prelude to the sort of relationship that'd scorch holes in her heart as well as her bed sheets. She'd be the happiest woman in the world if Ash wasn't so determined to keep their connection off radar.

Ash Gore knows girlfriends are bad news for bands, which is why he's resolved to keep his attachment to Ginny a secret. He and the guys have enough on their stages as they try to piece themselves back together after the band's split. But when new drummer, Iain Willows, starts taking an active interest in Ginny, tensions quickly mount.

Soon, Ash is not only at risk of losing Ginny, but everything he holds dearest--including life itself.

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Come Undone (Rock Hard #1)
All Night Long (Black Halo #1)
Remastered (Black Halo #1.5)  |  | Barnes&Noble  | GooglePlay  

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Wanton Christmas Wishes

You know Halloween's past, right... So that must mean the nights are drawing in and it's time to curl up of an evening with a great book and listen for the tinkle of sleigh bells on the way. What better way to do that than with a Christmas book. And, what's this I'm offering... why it just happens to be a Christmas box, packed with smoking hot guys all eager to grant Christmas wishes.

OK, enough with the scene setting. I'm thrilled to be part of this anthology. I've lapped up books by the other writers in this anthology and fallen for many, many of their heroes, so it makes me squee seeing my name sat alongside theirs on the cover. Without further ado, let me present Wanton Christmas Wishes.

 Pre-order from Amazon USAmazon UKBarnes&Noble  | Apple

Reviewers Advance Reader Copies via NetGalley

 Welcome to Wanton Christmas Wishes, an offering from six bestselling erotic historical romance authors. Dukes, soldiers, lords and gentlemen court and seduce beautiful heroines and make all their wishes come true. These tales are the perfect bite to get you in a festive mood…

HIS TO COMMAND by bestselling author Monica Burns. Prequel to the Self-Made Men Series. A Christmas Eve blizzard and one small act of discipline compromises Charlotte Clayworth, but she refuses John Fordyce's proposal. Now, years later, the Self-made Men decide to reunite the lovers for one more wanton Christmas wish.

THE KISSING BOUGH by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Madelynne Ellis. Viola Marsh has been forced to live an austere life, locked away under the watchful eye of her spinster aunt. Only on Christmas Eve is she allowed her freedom, to take part in the tradition of wassailing. Cousins, Percy Gilling and Lord William Ricborough share a close and special relationship, and they require a very particular woman to satisfy their needs. What they’re not expecting is to find her poised beneath the mistletoe on a wintery hilltop.

HAMISH by Samantha Kane. Book One of The 93rd Highlanders. During the Crimean War, injured Captain Hamish Fletcher is sent to the hospital in Scutari, where he finds his old friend and lover Dr. Phineus Harper treating the wounded. Finn can keep him at the hospital until Christmas. Will it be enough time to convince widowed nurse Edith Lambeth to grant both men their Christmas wishes?

ALL A MISTRESS WANTS by Eliza Lloyd. Eloisa Larkin wishes for the one thing she can’t have—the love of the powerful Duke of Sterling. Being his mistress provides many luxuries but being hopelessly devoted to a man who loves another as left her feeling alone and the last thing she wants is to spend Christmastide with him and his family.

A CHRISTMAS KISS by Jess Michaels. Tricked into spending time alone with the husband who made it clear he doesn't care about her, the Countess of Blackgrove, Amelia, has no idea how to react. But Stephen only wants seduction... and love.

LOVING MICHAEL by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Kate Pearce. Since returning from the peninsular wars, Michael Waterstone has learned to live within restricted boundaries and taught himself not to yearn for what he can never have. Fortunately for him, ex-courtesan Angelique Delisle is no respecter of boundaries of any kind, and offers him a provocative Christmas wager that might change his life forever...

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Upcoming Release: Come Together (Rock Hard #2)

Twelve sleeps to go until the release of my next Black Halo novel. Come Together is the second book in the Rock Hard series, which is about vocalist Xane Geist and his now girlfriend, Dani Fosbrook.

Come Together (Rock Hard #2)
Published by Mischief HarperCollins
Publication Date: 30th September 2014
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Daniella Fosbrook can’t believe she’s dating a smoking hot rock star, now all she has to do is hold onto him.

Bad boy rockers, Black Halo, have reunited and have hit the road. Dani Fosbrook has never experienced life on the move, now she’s squashed onto a tour bus with five horny rock stars and her lover’s ex, and there’s no room for mistakes.

If threats from jealous fans and warding off unwanted press attention isn’t difficult enough to handle, Dani has to battle her own personal insecurities. Xane says he’s committed, but with so much on offer to tempt him, can she trust he won’t stray?

When sabotage puts both the tour and everything Dani and Xane have built together under threat, can the band and their entourage come together and make the tour work, or it is time for everyone to part ways?  |  |  GooglePlay  |

Titles in the Rock Hard Series: Come Undone   |  Come Together

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‘How long until the show starts?’

‘Not long.’

‘Long enough for me to wish you good luck?’ They both needed to push past events aside and to start living in the present again.

Xane eyed her thoughtfully, while he rotated the ring piercing at the centre of his lower lip. ‘What did you have in mind?’ The way his eyes suddenly glittered told her exactly what he was envisaging. In some ways he had the ultimate one track mind. Her problem was that she couldn’t resist reacting to him. She could never get enough of his hands on her skin, or the feel of his warm body pressed tight to hers, coupled with that was the fact that he was the most beautiful man she’d ever met—all long inky hair, hard body and wicked as sin smile. If she stared at him too long, she sometimes forgot to breath.

She rubbed a hand across the band of scars that girdled her hips, determined to ground herself a little. ‘Good luck.’ She lifted both her brows and shoulders.

‘That’s it?’ Xane quirked one eyebrow. ‘You come dashing into my dressing room right before I go on stage and all I get is two words.’
‘Would you rather I made it three?’

‘Depends on the words.’ He fixed on his prince of darkness mask. The one the fans went wild for and made the girlies panties wet. It made her pretty giddy too, but then everything about him called to her. She moved closer to him, drawn as though he were magnetically charged, tilted her head up towards him.

‘Is there time?’

‘Always, for this.’ His tongue met hers and slipped teasingly between her lips. It was barely any sort of step at all between that and being so slippery with need, that she was grinding her hips against his body in a hungry imitation of coitus. Xane had always been able to unmake her with her kiss. The man had a tongue so wicked he’d could probably overcome the Queen of Darkness with it… Oh, hang on, he had. Elspeth was his ex.

Xane slid one hand down her back and rested it at the base of her spine. Then both his palms skimmed over her bottom. He pulled her closer. ‘When you were late, I started thinking maybe you weren’t coming back. That those dreadful women had got to you and poisoned you against me.’

It still amazed her that he feared she’d leave him. She’d follow him to the ends of the earth and beyond. Dani pushed her hands inside his shirt again, traced the contours of his steely abs, while with her lips she sought his nipples. They were both pierced, though he appeared to have removed one ring.

‘Xane, they couldn’t stop me from loving you even before we met, they’ve no chance now.’ Their arguments were stupid and their logic flawed. Besides, even if it all ended tomorrow, it’d still have been worth it for the time they had spent together.

‘We’ve about ten minutes before they’re going to want me backstage.’

‘Yeah?’ Dani teased one of his nipple rings, sucking it into her mouth, so that she left a darker patch on the midnight blue fabric of his shirt.

Xane hissed and arched against her, so that she could feel the growing swell of his erection pressed tight to her pussy. For all the horrors in his life, his ability to get turned on never seemed to diminish.

‘I just want you to know that’s not nearly enough time to do all the things I need to do to you.’ He cupped the side of her breast, rubbed her already tight nipples with the heel of hand. You’re so mine when this show is over.’

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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

FREE NOVELLA: Capturing Cora

Now FREE at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other selected retailers. Capturing Cora is the first story in my Romps & Rakehells series of Regency-set novellas.

Branwell “Tinker” Locke believes in grand gestures . However, when his marriage proposal to Miss Cora Reeve is dismissed as a jape, Bran has to find another way to persuade Cora of his utmost sincerity, even if it means using his tongue for something other than pretty words.

Cora believes Bran is simply set upon helping her win a wager , even though she longs for his love. In order to convince him that she really does want him, Cora will have to bare not just her heart and emotions, but all she has. Including things a lady should never give without a promise of forever… 

Amazon US  |  Barnes&Noble  |  Kobo Apple

Also don't forget to check out the next two titles in the series:

Affection for a price… Paris Ashcroft supports himself by offering discreet sexual liaisons to women whose husbands neglect their duties. Romance is merely the means by which he makes a living. However, when Sophia Lovich, the one woman he’s lost his heart to, asks for his attention, he intends to surrender himself to passion. Little does he suspect that Sophie will ask him to endure her husband’s dark desires too!  | Amazon UK  |  Barnes & Noble | Kobo 

Consummate rakehell, Taylor Hulme has two passions in life, extravagant clothes and buxom women, in that order. Never without a spare coat, Taylor always keeps at least two lovers, just in case the first cannot satisfy his needs. Naturally, he takes utmost care to ensure his lovers never meet. When Amelia Percival and Verity Quinn discover they’re both being wooed by the same man, they join forces in order to tame Taylor’s rakish behaviour . Holding him captive in his bedchamber, they subject him to a night of erotic torment. Come dawn, Taylor’s sworn to change his errant ways, but he isn’t the only one who has learnt an important lesson about relationships. When passion burns with such intensity, sharing isn’t always such a bad thing.  | Amazon UK  |  Barnes & Noble | Kobo 

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Birthday Giveaway Winner

is... Helena O.

Congratulations. You're prize is on it's way to you!

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Mastered Preview: Emily Ryan Davis & Jennifer Leeland

We're finishing up the Mastered Boxed Set previews today with an excerpt from one of my favourite writing buddies. As an added bonus, it's a menage story. Enjoy.

In knots over love
What do you do when your Master is someone else’s Sub? It seems the chain of command continues to go down and Tasha has an ever more commanding master. Will his chains bind the three together, or tear them apart?


Excerpt from Bondage on 34th Street by Emily Ryan-Davis & Jennifer Leeland

“Have you ever been naked in public, Natasha? Ever put your beautiful little body on display?”

The low, rough words rasped along her nerve endings, dark with arousal and challenge.

Not trusting herself to speak coherently, she bit her lip and shook her head. Or tried to.

Noah held her immobile, his forearm flexed against the side of her neck.
“Answer me with words.”

“No, Sir.” The immediacy with which she responded, not even stopping to think before
obeying him–and using that word–set off all her inner alarms.

This time it was Noah’s turn to shudder. He sucked in a breath and his abs flexed against
her hands, reminding her how close she was to touching his cock.

How close she was to asking him for so much more than permission to touch.

“You will be.” He punctuated his whispered promise by pressing his fingertips into her
ass cheek and tilting her pelvis to meet his. The tight, confined thrust of hardness against her
core scattered her thoughts all over again. Noah bucked between her legs, abs and thighs
bunching as he ground the long ridge of his arousal against her, and the way he held her spread
open left zero protection.

Her breath came in short, harsh bursts. Every muscle inside her tensed, trembling and
seeking, straining toward Noah’s mastery. Footsteps and wheeled luggage somewhere in the
parking garage reminded her they weren’t alone, and that made her more desperate. She
squirmed against him, trying to gain leverage to push him away with her knees even as her arms
pulled him closer. Her mind and body fought against each other, and her body was winning. She
felt herself climbing higher and higher until he closed his teeth around a tender part of her neck
and pushed her over the edge.

It didn’t matter that they were out in the open, that Noah was her enemy, not her lover.
Reason didn’t matter. Somehow, Noah knew her body, and he used it as a weapon against her.
She came hard, with frightening suddenness, and for a moment, guilt beat back the pleasure. But
the moment was lost, and nobody existed except Noah.

As the shock softened, Noah’s hold on her hair gentled and his pumping hips slowed. She
wished he would let her go and turn away, but he stayed with her, reminding her in unnecessary
ways–because how could she forget?–that he was still there.

While she shivered and clung, trying to sort through her jumbled emotions, he soothed
the sting of a bite mark with his tongue and cooled the damp spot with his breath.

“I’m in control here, Natasha, and I don’t surrender it lightly. Remember that when
you’re aiming your luscious mouth at my lover. Remember this.” He pulsed against her one
more time, triggering a new wave of aftershocks, and didn’t let her go until she sagged limp in
his arms.

When he lowered her feet to the ground, the chill of cold concrete under her one bare foot
barely registered. Noah drew her away from the car door and imprisoned her against his chest,
his forearm hard below her shoulder blades, as he opened the door and installed her into the
passenger seat. After she was settled, he scooped her errant shoe from beneath the car and bent to
slide it over her foot.

His words finally registered and took on meaning as he walked to the driver’s side and
slide into the seat. Noah jabbed the key into the ignition and fired the engine, staring straight
ahead as if she no longer existed for him.

“This doesn’t mean anything,” she whispered.

He flexed his hands on the steering wheel. “Doesn’t it?”

Tasha shivered. She turned her face away from the stark, white outline of his knuckles.
Noah reached out and cupped her chin, pulling her head back around to hold her gaze.
His lips twisted in a parody of a smile. “Ty is mine, Natasha. You want to touch him, fuck him,
get on your knees and lick his impressive dick? You’ll have to beg me for permission.”

Buy Links: BARNES&NOBLE  | Amazon US | Amazon UK 

Mastered Preview: Sasha White

Unfettered: An Overwatch Story by Sasha White. The best way to being noticed is to get yourself out there… just be careful who finds you.

Tired of being treated as “one of the guys”, mechanic Ronnie Lang wants to explore her own sexuality more. She gets wind of Overwatch, a private BDSM club and she applies herself for membership. Behind those closed doors lies a lifestyle she never imagined… and the man she could never forget.

Buy Links: BARNES&NOBLE  | Amazon US | Amazon UK  

Unfettered: An Overwatch Story by Sasha White

Overwatch, Ronnie kept her head down and didn’t

volunteer for anything. It was all she could do to make it

through the rest of the class without snapping at people

to leave her alone. She just wanted to sit in the corner

and think, to sort through her emotions and try to make

sense of what was happening to her.

only to be pulled up short when Ian called her name.

walked toward her.

clear blue eyes.

careless shrug of her shoulders. “Just didn’t see a reason

to hang around.”

out the first set of doors before she had a grip on herself again. “Is that allowed, you being a trainer

and all?”

“There’s no rule against it. It’s the first time I’ve done it, but it’s also the first time I’ve

known a trainee from outside the club.” He pushed through the last set of doors and turned left.

“The coffee shop just up the road is still open.”

“Hey,” she said, stopping dead and tugging her hand from his. “Enough. What’s going on

here, Ian?”

He stood stock still in front of her, expression blank. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that you’ve pretty much pretended I don’t exist since that little negotiation

demonstration last week and now you want to take me for coffee? What’s up with that?”

He stared at her, silent and inscrutable. When the others started coming out the doors he

raked a hand through his hair and shook his head. “I’m sorry if it felt like I was ignoring you. I didn’t

intend to make you feel that way.”

“Well, you did.”

His mouth titled up at the corner. “Yeah, so you just told me.”

The pressure in her chest lessened and she smiled back at him. “Okay. Just so you got the


His smile grew. “We okay?”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “Let’s go get that coffee.”

They didn’t talk as they walked down the street. Once they got their drinks, they found an

empty corner table and sat down. Ian didn’t make her wait.

“So, what do you think so far?”

“To be honest I'm loving it. It's a lot different than I imagined it would be, but that isn't

necessarily bad.”

“What did you imagine?”

“That everyone involved would either be a sexy model in fetish wear or a dark and

handsome Dom wearing leather pants and a sleeveless vest. You know, with maybe a whip or a

flogger tied to their hip, and always demanding you drop to your knees.” She laughed softly. “Okay,

so maybe I exaggerated that a little bit, but you know what I mean? I worried it would be the

stereotype of a cross between a porn movie set and a nightclub.”

He laughed. “Well, you’re actually not that far off. When you come to the club and it's open

you’ll see it is a lot like a regular nightclub — except, yes, some people are wearing fetish wear and

some people are wearing nothing at all. Not everyone will have a perfect body, but everyone’s pretty

damn comfortable in their skin, if you get what I mean. You might even see a Dom in leather pants,

although I'm not too sure about the sleeveless vests. Many of us do take off our shirts, though,

especially when we scene.” He met her gaze head on. “It can get pretty hot in there.”

She fanned herself with her hand at the thought of him with no shirt, paddle in hand, and

her awaiting his ppleasure. “Shit, it’s getting pretty hot in here.”

He laughed and pleasure burst through her. It was nice just sitting with him.

“So, is that what you found on the internet? Men who wore leather pants and demanded you

kneel at all times?”

She sighed. “Yeah. It was real letdown. A lot of puffed up idiots who thought that calling

themselves dominant made them dominant. That somehow that gave them the right to make it all

about them. It was all about blowjobs and booty calls, but not about dominance or submission.

Except for the ones who seemed to think that being the dominant gave them the right to smack you


Something deadly flared in his eyes. “Did somebody smack you around?”

She arched an eyebrow. “Do you really think I would let somebody smack me around?”

“Damn it. It’s a dangerous fucking world out there, Ronnie. What made you put that ad on

the Internet?

“Look at me,” she said. “I'm a thirty-four year old tomboy who would rather clean an

engine than get my hair done and it shows. Sure, I've had sex, even good sex, but I've never had a

relationship before. I've never been in love, and I thought if internet dating could work for other

people why not me?”

He visibly calmed himself, taking a deep breath before nodding at her. “I get it. It can be

tough to find someone. What made you realize you were submissive?”

She blushed, but remembering how they met up again, she pushed past any nerves at

speaking so freely. “I thought about the men I had been with, and which ones I thought were good

sex, and which were just ... exercise, and realized that the good sex had always been with a guy who

took charge. Those guys who took charge were also the ones I’d wanted to spend more time with if

given the chance. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head, and once I realized that was what did it

for me, I didn’t look back.”

When he nodded, she kept talking. The words just tumbling from her lips without thought.

“I did internet searches, read some blogs and some books. The more I read, the more I wanted

to do and explore. Then I found the adult dating site, and thought it was perfect. Put up a profile

and—bam!—I had men emailing and asking to meet.” She stopped suddenly. Not sure she wanted

to share the rest.

Blue eyes soft with concern, Ian reached across the table, putting both his hands over both

of hers. “It’s okay, Ronnie. Nothing you can say will change the way I see you.”

Relief flowed through her. How had he known exactly what she needed to hear?

“At first I was like a kid in a candy store,” she admitted. “I met with too many men, and tried

too many things. I look back now and think I’m lucky I didn’t get killed. I mean, I’m not an idiot,

and I have good instincts. I never let any of them tie me up, or restrain me in any way, no matter

how much I craved it. But I did let them do things like spank me, or fuck my face.” She shook her

head and laughed softly. “I have to admit to having a bit of an oral fixation.”

He sat back in his chair, and folded his arms across his broad chest. “Oral fixation, huh?”

“Oh, yeah.” She flashed him a naughty smile and leaned forward staring deep into his eyes.

“I came to the realization that I really love sucking cock. There’s just something about being on my

knees in front of a man, serving him that way. The smell, the taste, the feel. Oh, god, the feel of a

hard cock stroking against my tongue as he grips my hair and thrusts deep enough to hit the back of

my throat so hard my eyes start to water and I fight to breathe. I just love it.”

By the time she was done talking, Ian’s eyes blazed with a heat that damn near melted her

panties off.

“You,” he said in a voice that sent shivers down her spine. “Deserve to be punished for that.”

Her nipples hardened to the brink of pain, and she wiggled in her seat, but she raised her

eyebrows and tried to look innocent. “For what?”

He smirked.

She grinned.

He leaned forward. “For making my cock so hard all I want to do is bend you over and sink

in so deep that I feel your soul surrounding me.”

Her eyes widened and Ian’s heart pounded as they sat there, just looking at each other and

breathing the same air.

She was beautiful. Beautiful in her honesty, in her desire, and in her eagerness. Ian had to

remind himself that they were in a public coffee shop and it would be wrong to reach over the table

and drag her into his arms.

Sucking in a deep breath, he shifted back in his chair again to try and ease the erotic tension

that had flared between them so quickly. Before he could say anything and change the topic, she

straightened up and spoke again.

“That’s exactly what I came to Overwatch looking for,” she said.

She wasn’t making sense. “What?”

“You,” she replied, looking right at him. “You’re not acting, or pretending. You and Simon

and Adam and Conner, you’re all for real. Dominance isn’t something that can be faked, and I

was tired of meeting men who considered it a game. Men who played at it because they saw it as

a way to have sex any way they wanted without really caring about what their partner needed. I

want a real man, one who knows that true dominance is mental before it ever comes close to being

physical. That my submission cannot be demanded—it has to be earned—and when I give it, I give


Fuck. She made total sense.

A loud burst of laughter from the table next to them made her start. Red started creeping up

her chest and neck and Ian gave himself a mental kick in the ass. “Thank you,” he said. “For sharing

so much with me.”

“You’re welcome.” Ronnie smiled. “Now, I should go. It’s almost twelve.”

“Why do you turn into a pumpkin at midnight?”

She laughed, taking the hand he extended and letting him pull her to her feet.

 “No, but it’s past my bedtime, and if I don't get at least six hours of sleep I turn into a

raging bitch the next day. The guys at the shop will not thank you.”

They walked back to the club, and he wasn’t surprised to see that she drove a pumped up

muscle car painted in very pretty purple. It was just like her. Strong, but feminine, and very, very


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