Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Departed

So we watched the Departed last night... I'll admit to a few reservations prior to sitting down, but I was prepared to give it a chance. And having now seen it, I have to wonder how they managed to turn a masterpiece of Hong Kong cinema into such a mediocre movie!

Actually, it's very simple - Hollywood just doesn't do subtle. They don't know what subtle is.

Infernal Affairs is subtle, it's edgy, intense, and full of likeable characters (regardless of their dubious morals). The Departed is full of totally unsympathetic, violent, murderous thugs, whom I could give a rat's arse about.

Hollywood: Hmm, let's take a truly amazing script and remove all the subtlety and intrigue and replace them with swearing and violence. Yeah, that'll do it! Oh, and tack on a truly pants ending to really knacker it! (Actually, I've a sneaking suspicion the ending might have been the responsibility of the test audiences.)

The acting wasn't much cop either. DiCaprio was good, but Matt Damon wasn't a patch on Andy Lau, and Martin Sheen wasn't half as memorable as Anthony Wong. As for Jack Nicholson... oh dear god! Actually, I think I'll leave the comments at that.

Watch the original it's infinitely better, and one of my all time favourite films.
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Portia Da Costa said...

I bet these 'test audiences' have a lot to answer for, you know.

Sorry to hear Matt wasn't so great in this movie... I kinda like him! :)