Thursday, March 16, 2006

Looking Up

Feeling much more positive today. After what looked like a total wash-out early on yesterday, I managed to knuckle down and do rewrites on five chapters of DARK DESIGNS, a fairly major achievement for me. It’s also left me feeling happier about the whole project. Previously, I’d reached a point where I was convinced it was dreadful and my editor was going to contact me and tell me never to send him anything ever again. Apparently, according to my partner, I get like this over every book, but I’m sure the others actually had proper storylines and decent characters, and weren’t just a load of inconsequential hogwash. I could be mistaken there…:-[) Anyway, after yesterday, I now think it’s maybe not too bad.

Today, I’m going to crack on and try to get to the end of the rewrites. That’ll leave me a month to polish and tweak, cull the word count a bit more (I always write long), and maybe find the space for a couple of additional scenes I really want to include. It’ll also give me time to put something together for the Sex and Shopping Anthology. I’ve some ideas jotted down, but characters seem reluctant to get down and do the deed, so I may need to approach it from another angle.

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