Friday, April 14, 2006

Book Review - Entertaining Mr Stone

I first heard about this book on Wendy’s blog, where her enthusiasm for the project really grabbed my attention. I’ve read and enjoyed her books in the past, but the setting for Entertaining Mr Stone, local government offices, didn’t seem like a terribly sexy setting for an erotic novel. How wrong I was. The naughty S/M games going on in Borough Hall are a whole lot of fun.

Maria, the heroine, is unassuming and likeable, which makes the first person narrative an easy read. Stone is real gem. He’s witty, sexy and proves that maturity and experience can be far more attractive than a pretty face. Actually, he’s a real breath of fresh air when it comes to heroes in erotica/erotic romance.

As for the sex… Well, this is trademark Portia Da Costa, and she wasn’t labelled the Queen of SM for nothing! Verdict – definitely worth a read.


Saskia Walker said...

I loved it too, especially liked Maria's wry comments about her surroudings and life ;) She felt so real to me. I love Wendy's humour -- I think she was able to explore that more in first person. Needless to say, the sex and the longing were mesmerising LOL another Portia da Costa keeper

wendywoo said...

Aw shucks, you two! I'm so glad you both enjoyed the book. I'm getting back into circulation now, and it's lovely to find that nice things have been said about my work in my absence...