Monday, June 05, 2006

Bathroom Blues/Bliss

There's not much writing going on around here at the moment. We're busy fitting a new bathroom. It's long overdue, but boy, is it messy and time consuming. The weekend vanished in a blur of tile laying, plumbing and cladding. The house looks like a jumble sale, but we now have half a wonderful bathroom, so that if you lie in the bath and squint at the ceiling you can pretend it's all done. I'm really pleased with how it's coming along, but I do wish it was finished so I could get on with writing. I do an awful lot of writing in the bath, it being where I get all my best ideas, so I'm not just talking about the plumbing distractions.

Well, despite the lack of word count on my various projects, I have managed to get a few other writing related tasks done. My Tax Return is now filed... phew! Don't have to worry about that again for another year, and I've added a few promo type details to Romancewiki. Still working on the rest of the stuff for the Black Lace website update, though, and I must register with the PLR. Not that many libraries have an erotica section, but you never know...


Sarah F said...


After much moaning at our collection development unit they have consented to buy some black lace novels to see how they lend out!!!! They have also definitely promised to buy yours when it comes out too :)

Madelynne said...

I better hurry up with those forms. Thanks for championing my cause.