Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still tired,

but at least I'm keeping up a steady pace. Progress on my WIP seems grindingly slow, but as I keep reminding myself, I'm still getting to know the characters, and necessity means that Thea spends much of the second chapter alone, which in turn calls for deep pov. Argh! I want to be writing the action. Anyway, to keep myself from sinking into a mindnumbing pit of despair, I'm also dipping in and out of the first of the two stories I have in mind of the Sex in Public call. It's fun, but as with Grandmother's Teapot, I'm wondering if it's a tad far-fetched.

Okay, enought meandering along inside my brain... BL asked for some soundbites yesterday to pass on to Company magazine for a spread on writing erotic fiction. Sounds interesting, I might pick up a copy to check it out. Anyway I sent off my suggestions, but as I doubt they'll make the cut, here are my personal bits of advice for anyone writing erotica.

1. Say what you mean. Say it mean.

2. Write cinematically, so that you can see the action.

3. Use all five senses.

4. Erotica is not just about genitalia. What's going on inside the characters' heads is far more interesting and arousing than descriptions of tab A sliding into slot B.

5. Know your genre - read, read, read!

6. Join an online group such as the Erotica Readers & Writers Association ( They're a great resource, and highly supportive.

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