Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Crappy reviews Part II

Contrary being that I am, I have not slunk off into a darkened room to wallow in despair, or in fact shed a single tear, nope, I've worked my socks off on the dastardly WIP. Maybe I'm trying to prove something? WIP has hit a few stumbling blocks over the last few days, but slowly, it's coming back on track. Actually, I knew it was turning around the minute the computer started sabotaging the file. However, I'm now an expert at weeding data out of tmp files, so, nothing lost there, and chapter three is finally hotting up. I give the credit to rather a few too many hours of watching Poldark reruns. It's still fantastic, riveting stuff. Off to watch City of God.
Recently watched: Lots of Poldark
Currently listening to: Gackt - Redemption
Currently reading: Just finished, Circus Excite by Nikki Magennis

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Sam said...

Good for you, Madelynne. Back on the horse! I echo everyone else's sentiments (albeit rather late) and to hell with crappy reviews! Maya xxx