Sunday, July 09, 2006

Oh, boy!

Busy, busy day. Finished my Sex in Public story... Well, I say finished. I still needs polishing but I have a complete story, with a begining, middle and end. I'm still excited about it too, although not to quite the same degree as a few days ago. Part of me wonders if it isn't just utter crap. Actually, I pretty much feel that it's going to get rejected for being too far-fetched/not public enough, but stubborn masochist that I am, I'm going to send it regardless.

Other news... Not much to report. We're still plodding along with the bathroom, and there still aren't nearly enough hours in the day.

Recently watched: Dr Who
Currently listening to: Gackt
Currently reading: A Caress of Twilight, Laurell K Hamilton

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