Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Too damn hot!

The UK is presently baking. Stepping outside the front door seems to guarantee you sunstroke, the road surfaces are melting and I keeping passing out mid-afternoon cause the heat is making me so darn sleepy. Anyway, the result of this ghastly weather is that I've been struggling more than usual with the whole writing lark. Today, I had hoped to get a good chunk of Chapter 3 of DM written, but having reached the end of Chpt 2, I discovered my outline was rather vague at this particular point, hence minimal progress was made and instead of sketching some ideas for scenes, I spent the afternoon indulging in YouTube - bad me.

Hmm, actually, I've been pretty naughty re: writing all week. We had friends over on Monday - great to see them - and sat up late listening to music, talking and playing Chez goth! And, Mr F, your band is totally ace!

In other news, my other half has decreed that my SIP story isn't wholly crap, being quite erotic actually, but that the public/location aspect of it is incidental. I''ve decided to put it in the post regardless, and we'll just have to wait and see what Black Lace make of it.

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