Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wicked words

Work on my novel is on hold at present as I’ve been trying to get down something for the Sex in Public call. It’s been going okay, sex and the characters are fine, but it’s been missing something vital, namely a decent location. But… I’ve found one. Actually, my other half suggested it a while back but I dismissed it at the time cause a) it didn’t seem very erotic b) I couldn’t think of a story to hang around it and c) I’m stupid like that. Anyway, it’s perfect…cue loony grin and mad dancing.

Hmm, you know, thinking about it, maybe I should be banned from writing short stories, since I seem to be incapable of writing anything sensible. No – dammit! If I actually manage to pull this off (and there’s the catch) it’s going to be BRILLIANT!

Nobody hold their breath expecting miracles, okay. I’ll probably be back in my pit of despair again by nightfall convinced it’s the worst idea for a story ever and no editor in their right mind would ever want it. Until then… if you happen to see a strange woman about pushing a buggy with a wild grin on her face, it could be me.

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wendywoo said...

I'm glad somebody's got a brilliant idea for this because both the ones I'm working on are sh*te! I probably won't submit either of them... :(