Thursday, August 31, 2006

More desperate than ever

WIP has turned into some diabolical waking dream. The plot just won't hang together straight, I can't seem to get a proper handle on the characters and the sex (a pretty intrinsic part of erotica) keeps running for cover. It's all getting me down...boohoo! And to make matters worse, I keep dreaming of Vaughan.

Vaughan, was the scrumptious piece of roguery from my first novel, A Gentleman's Wager, for anyone who didn't know. He's always been my favourite character, but as I've already told his story he mostly sits in the back of my mind being a teasing memory. However, owing to some epically proportioned weirdness while researching the location for the paranormal short/novella I'm gearing up to write, we went to visit his home. That is, the place I named him after, and just down the road I found his house. Of course, I didn't specifically know it was his house until we got there, but then I just knew this was exactly where he would live. And, boy was it beautiful (just like him). I've already promised myself a whole day there sometime soon, just to sit, write and drink coffee...mmm...

...okay, maybe the writing life isn't so bad.

My seckrit project is brushing up nicely, other half has now read it and given it a thumbs up after a few tweaks. This weekend I'm determined to hammer that synopsis into shape and get the bugger out of the door. On which subject, back to work...

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Anonymous said...


I'm not going to say Vaughan-Vampire novella, because I don't need to.

Madelynne Ellis said...

No-ooo! I'm not listening...I'm not. Stuffing ears with cheese.

Anonymous said...

My WIP is a diabolical nightmare too... ditto non hanging together plot... ditto hard to handle characters... ditto not enough sex... and I keep dreaming of Mr Stone... and sometimes Kevin from Continuum.

Even more sadly, I have no sekrit projects to console myself with. It's all out there and mostly crap at the moment... :(