Sunday, August 20, 2006

The return

Three castles, two ancient villages, two barrows, a stone circle, a Johnny Depp fest (aka Pirates of the Carribbean) and a day at the beach later, I'm back to the grind of being a writer. For a change, the holiday was wonderful, although the swimming pool could have been warmer and I could wish that my small daughter wasn't quite so determined to throw herself from the ramparts of every castle she visits. Still, it made a refreshing change, sadly somewhat undone by the totally diabolical journey home. Now I remember why we alway travel during the small hours. Never again are we braving the M anything during daylight.

Anyway, on to the important stuff. I've come back to two nice surprises. The first, the rather nifty cover for Sex in Public.

and the second, that Passion of Isis has now been translated into Norweigan and retitled as Lotusblomsten. It also has a rather nifty cover, which I'm well pleased with even if it doesn't look anything like the actual characters.

Progress too has been made today on Desperate Measures. I have a messy synopsis, a prologue, and a newly tweaked chapter one, which makes me feel as if I'm on target for getting the proposal out of the door. I also have the beginnings of an idea for the BL Paranormal Erotica anthology, although one for Sex with Strangers would probably be more useful at this stage since its deadline is closer. Downside, I still can't think of a damn cool title for my seckrit project. Any suggestions...anyone! Yeah, I know it'd help if you knew what it was about, but I'm still not ready to fess up, just yet. Soon, hopefully...maybe...

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