Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Room to think

Not much writing done yesterday, instead I got down to some serious de-cluttering/furniture rearrangement. Now what's this got to do with writing you ask. Well, let me explain...

Once upon a time there was me and my other half and we lived in a three bedroom house. Everything was perfect, we had a bedroom, technically his room; a workroom, which contained my desk, books and junk; and a guest room, which also masqueraded as an LRP store. Then baby number one arrived. Guest room became the nursery, which meant the guest bed moved to my workroom along with some of the LRP stuff, and the rest got shoved into assorted cupboards and cubbyholes. All was still fine, if a little cramped in the workroom, but hey, there was still space for the baby to play while I wrote. Then baby two arrived! Do you see where this is going? Child two moved into the nursery, Child one moved into my workroom, and the contents of my workroom... Let's see, the guest bed moved house, the LRP stuff was culled and the remainder confined to the outhouse in the garden, and my desk, books etc moved into our bedroom. If this wasn't bad enough, my other half then decided on a change of career and became a teacher along with all that entails, eg. boxes of marking, lesson plans and work sheets. My desk was no longer my own. Third book was written on a laptop balanced on the arm of the sofa, while breastfeeding.

All this brings us back to yesterday and my sort out. Well, I now have a desk again, and I'm already feeling the benefits. Despite not switching the computer on until midnight I still managed a resonable 500 words, but better still, I had a few wicked ideas, one of which had me cackling inanely and itching to tell my other half. But, no. I am not telling, I'm saving it as a surprise for when he does the edits.

So, my advice for the day. If your plot's going nowhere and your structure is a mess, try decluttering your workspace. It works for me!

Now, I just need to figure out how to write a novella and I'll be sorted.

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Saskia Walker said...

Good idea. The space where I work is so chaotic I can't face it, have been writing on a borrowed laptop. Shame on me.