Thursday, September 21, 2006

He's back...

Anyone who's been reading recently will know that I've been having a hard time with my current WIP. The character voices have been a bit off, the ending was going to run to fifteen volumes, the conflict kept sliding under the table and my laptop is waging a personal vendetta against it. Anyway, I forced myself to just get on with it and write last night, and it's coming... I know it is, because the characters are slowly introducing their own little quirks, and that makes me pleased. So, pleased that I started feeling settled, and then wallop, suddenly I have an idea for something completely unrelated. It's just sitting there, the faintest smidgen of a concept, but there's something compelling about it.

Now, I know that my editor is interested in novellas at the moment, so I mentally pencil it down as a novella idea, and get back to work on DM. After all, it's nothing concrete yet, just a little seedling that I need to mull and nuture for a while, but I know that something magic is coming.

I'm still mulling at lunchtime today when I nip upstairs to print something out, and I write two words in my notebook as a vague remind of the idea, when something weird happens. Leastways it's weird for me. The outline of a novel just spills onto the page, and it's only got one smidgen of a thing in common with the previous night's idea... They are both about VAUGHAN (cue maniacal laughter). I blame the visit to Stokesay, last month. The place just had a resonance.

The thing I find strange about all this is that the most frequent question I've been asked about writing is - when are you writing a sequel to A Gentleman's Wager? And I've always been pretty negative about the idea. I never felt it was an avenue I needed to explore. I knew what happened to the characters in the short term, and in the long term I suspected that what I'd write wouldn't be what people wanted to read. But, and don't anybody hold their breath. I think I've finally got it. Of course, I still have to fill in the details and write it, but I'm actually tingling in anticipation. Don't worry anyone who knows me, I'm sure the excitement will wear off. Still, watch this space...

Oh, and here's the place that's inspired all this magic.

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