Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rats and other horror stories

I'm back, and sort of better...

Least ways the appendix is fine. I'm now just loaded with cold, which is probably courtesy of the hospital, or perhaps the school yard sniffle...urgh! Now the thing is when I'm ill I have this strange urge to clean things, as if cleaning the cooker will somehow eradicate whatever nasty bug is afflicting me. Hence during the appendix drama, I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to mow the lawn. Now, let me say the grass had got pretty long, as we'd been away over the summer and then we've had loads of rain. So, there I am happily mowing away, having removed all the kiddies toys from the lawn first, when crunch... And I think, oh bugger I've just mowed a toy, but no, it's actually much worse. I've have infact mowed a very dead, decaying, maggot infested, nausea-inducing rat. I'm not squeamish. I have a biology degree, but this was the most repulsive thing I've ever had to deal with. Worse that vomitting children, digging up sewer pipes, handling live cockroaches, and hacking the earbones out of year-old dead fish, and to make matters worse, my 4yr old son, in typical little boy fashion is going 'WOW, LET ME SEE! LET ME SEE!' Grim, grim, and more grim. Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you all before I return to my regular horror story, namely Desperate Measures.

I decided that the original ending I had planned just wasn't going to work. It seemed very tacked on, and would have taken me to double the actual word count BL require, so I've ripped it off and come up with a brand new ending, which I hope won't come across as too abrupt... sigh. I've also incorporated a nice new twist, and discovered that things are destined to be a bit edgy. Hopefully, not too edgy for BL's current romantic fluffy feel. Although, I think I may have a HEA. I've also, OMG, and this is a first for me, written a detailed working synopsis. How amazing is that? Suddenly, actually writing the various chunks seems a lot less stressful.

On the Seckrit Project front... well, it's still sitting on my hard drive. I just don't seem to be able to get anything out of the door at the moment. I'm blaming illness. Although I have also been waiting for some feedback from my 'crit partner'. Who said it was very angsty and accused me of being a big meanie, but I say, it's yaoi, what do you expect <cue very evil laugh>. She did say it was very hot too. I still need an artist to make it really saleable though.

Other stuff... oh, yeah, still nada on the Sex with Strangers, and Bondage tales front. Must get on with those. Too many deadlines, too little time...

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Nikki said...

Euuugh!! the rat... This seems to be a week for horror stories. You've inspired me!