Thursday, October 19, 2006

Disjointed ramblings.

That's how I'd describe what I've done so far on AGW2. I still don't have the beginning written, just a mess of disjointed scenes that occur later in the book and need fleshing out. The characters are assembling nicely and asserting their personalities - aren't names wonderful things! And I known that I should feel pleased as I've written 10K this last week (a huge amount for me), but I just want that beginning to fall into place. I know what I want to write, but I just can't seem to get it down on paper. Maybe the beginning in my head is not the right beginning for the book. Argh, I'm so not good at first drafts :-}

This week I've also spent a bit of time setting up a MySpace account. There's not much to see for my efforts but if anyone fancies being my friend, please link up.

Recently watched: Brokeback Mountain
Currently listening to: Nada, as the CD player's on the blink.
Currently reading: Various bits and pieces I'm supposed to be offering crits on.


Nikki said...

Hey Madelynne, I added you as a friend on Myspace but as I can't seem to work out how the hell to do anything else, I'm afraid I can't chat or whatever it is one's supposed to do on there!

Ah, luddites unite...


Madelynne said...

Don't worry, Nikki. I'm just as much in the dark.