Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thank heavens for Radox.

Yesterday - get in the zone. Yep! Except at critical moment, phone call. Result - nada!

Today, also nada.

I suppose it's just damn well typical of the mad mercurial bastard, aka Marquis Pennerley, that he won't bloody co-operate. Thinks he's in charge, that boy. Two stinking weeks I've been trying to write the opening chapter for AGW2 (which does have it's own tentative title - honest!) and I've manged about 500 words (shocking - eh?). So, I think, fine, I give up. I'll go soak myself in bubbles, take a few books with me to read, and my swanky new super cool colour change notebook (just in case) and I'll dream a little.


Glad I got that out. I swear I'd be completely crap as a writer if I had to live without a tub for any length of time. It's where I have all my ideas.

Anway, aside from being cold and rather pruned, I now have some text. Not, as you might imagine the stunning new opening chapter, but instead a bit from the middle. But, you know, I don't really mind, because I think it's going to be one of those magic Easter egg scenes that makes the whole thing hang together so well. Plus, it includes a bit with two of the new characters who I don't really know yet, and they seem so much more real now.

Off to type it all into coherence, or something like that.

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