Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Too much craziness

I got myself in a real curfuffle last week. Too many projects and not enough time. The result was that I managed to get virtually zero done. I'm feeling a bit more organized this week. So far I've manged to check the proofs for my Sex in Public story and zap it off to the editorial assistant, and get the proposal for Desperate Measures off to BL. Fingers crossed on that one :-] I'm not feeling very confident.

Other tasks for this week: Start the proposal for AGW2, write a Sex with Strangers story (I'm getting nowhere with that one. The idea is there, I just can't seem to channel it onto the paper), think about writing a novella, and maybe...just maybe finally send off my Seckrit Project. That's not too much to do, is it? :-P

Hmm, I still owe my crit partner some feedback too.

Suppose I'd better get to it.

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