Monday, October 23, 2006

WMEWG... or something like that.

I went to meet the lovely Mathilde Madden again for lunch today. Somehow, we managed to find the same pub-restaurant type place as last time. I have no idea how, as neither of us know the area and we set out from the station in a random direction. I guess the place just liked us and was giving out weirdo subliminal vibes or something :-)

Anyway, we had a very pleasant lunch (with the exception of strange man who attached himself to our table without so much as a by your leave for twenty minutes) discussing the foibles of erotica publishing, werewolves, nightmare historicals and naughty man-on-man sex without raising a single eyebrow from the other customers. The hours just seemed to fly by.

Journey was even fun too. Not that I'm much for trains. Return was grim, horrible motion sickness that I only staved off by manically sketching scenes for AGW2 in my notebook. However, getting back to the rather more pleasant journey out... I'm so sorry girls but... You see I kinda got hemmed in by this bunch of Emo girls, who spent the whole journey chattering about Emo boys in drainpipe trousers with too much eyeliner going through their glam phases... and naughty me, I just had to write some of it down . I am, however, extremely grateful to them for teaching me a wonderful new adjective. (Okay, so it wasn't so much teaching me as me blatantly eavesdropping.) So wonderful, I'm not repeating it here, but am instead saving it for awesome future story (or something like that). Certainly adding it to list along with other awesome adjective invented by my son.

Okay, off to do work type stuff that I should have done when I was out galavanting...erm, I mean socializing earlier.

Recently watched: Ashura (brilliant), The Astronaught's Wife (dire), Torchwood (swoon).
Currently listening to: Still nada, although the CD player appears to be making a recovery.
Currently reading: Sex & Shopping.

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