Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dark Designs Day Twin Teasers

Dark Designs publication day is here, and yipee, I've already have a review on Amazon. Thanks to Mathilde for that. You're a star!

Promised extracts are below. Please enjoy. Oh, and if anyone fancies posting some comments, or adding to the Amazon reviews I'll be extremely grateful. (You don't have to be ultra nice even, just honest :-P. Although like all authors I enjoy having my ego massaged.)

Dark Designs Teaser One:

His lips brushed the exposed skin of her stomach, causing butterflies where he made contact.

'I said it was strictly business.'

'And so it is. Strictly my business to get you off.'

'Futile promises.' She tried to sit up. Damn him for interfering. She was probably spiting herself, but she wasn't going to retract her promise, just because she was horny, yaoi-kiss drunk and had a beautiful man drawing his tongue across her clit.

'Oh, oh!' Her body sighed, as the soft lashes continued. 'Not fair.'

'That's right,' he said, and began sucking instead.

Remy feebly pushed at his head, his shoulders. 'We're not doing this.' Her voice was rising, as her resistance weakened.

'Oh, but we are.' He climbed on to the bed on top of her. 'Let me make this easy for you.' He grasped her wrists, pinning her to the narrow bed.

The feel of his cock bruising her thigh was too much. Why did he have to take control, and be so bloody composed about it?

'I don't want you: I want Silk.'

'No.' He breathed the denial into her mouth. 'You want me to have Silk.'


Dark Designs Teaser Two:

They'd been at it about twenty minutes. Silk was stripped down to his shirt and trousers, and Takeshi to just his leathers. Remy had them posed like lovers, with Takeshi's hand upon Silk's shoulder, and their heads tilted towards one another. But the tension between them seemed to be running at an all-time high. Between shots, Silk seemed to be making it clear he was there under duress. Remy wondered if she was expected to feel obligated to him after this.

'Closer, and look into each other's eyes,' Remy demanded. Despite the pressure, she was enjoying herself immensely. 'It needs more intimacy.'

Takeshi leant forward and brushed his lips against Silk's.

Well, that was intimate!

Silk's lips parted in surprise. Takeshi snaked an arm around his waist and moulded their bodies together from hip to thigh. Silk retailiated by shoving Takeshi off his feet, followed by a wordless snarl of fury.

Remy's carefully constructed fantasy fell apart, although Alix gleefully continued snapping expressions. 'Yey, fight!' she cheered.

Takeshi snatched up the great sword and forced Silk back against the rim of the fountain. The tip of the metal beast pressed between the open edges of Silk's shirt, making cold contact with the skin.

'You've got to be fucking kidding!' Silk yelled.

'Stop it, stop it.' An icy shiver ran up Remy's spine. She could see Takeshi's tattoo emblazoned like a warning across his back. Not for the first time, she wished she knew more about him.

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Zusi said...

Weirdly Amazon sent me my pre-ordered book to arrive earlier this week, before official publication date! Have had to read it in stages as I've not had time to read it in one go, therefore I only finished it today (10th). Really enjoyed it. Nick read the back and said it sounded just like you!