Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Excursion into geekdom.

Last weekend we packed the kiddies off to grandma's and headed north for a weekend of horror/paranormal live role-playing. It's been awhile. We've had two years out due to arrival of child number two, but it's good to see nothing's really changed. I had tremendous fun dressing up in 1920's costume, talking to "dead" men in WW1 trenches, being marched to breakfast at rifle point, running away from weird otherworldly beasties and hjacking a time travelling tower. The result is that I've come home refreshed, recharged and a whole lot less stressed (although my feet are protesting the high heels).

Prior to going, I had been getting myself bogged down in the day to day grind of writing, and had forgotten it's supposed to be fun! Anyway, I think we might start putting event together. I means taking time out from writing erotica, but maybe that's no bad thing. I'm hopeless at switching off and chilling out.

Meanwhile, being someone else for the weekend has given my imagination a kick start, so while my word count on AGW2 is only creeping up slowly, I'm feeling alot happier about it. What does it matter if it meanders at its own pace. It'll probably end up a stronger book for it. And at least now the characters are talking to me. Lucerne came out with an interesting phrase this morning. I won't say what Vaughan was thinking in reply, but it's so typically him at his most convolted I'm sure it's important...bwh-haha!

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Nikki said...

HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY!!!! Woohoo - just as soon as I dig myself out of this horrendous overdraft, I'm on my way to Amazon.

Congrats, Madelynne.


Sarah F said...

I'm booking NOW for said event :) Is it going to be 70s themed? Hope the launch went well!