Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tomorrow is publication day.

Good job that there are lots of folks out there to remind me. Tomorrow is publication day for both Dark Designs and Sex...& Shopping. To celebrate I thought I'd post a few snippets.

Here's a teaser from "Grandmother's Teapot" in Sex...& Shopping. I'll post something from Dark Designs tomorrow.

Neither of us has ever done this before. Rich peddles and I throw. The clay is soft and oozes sensuously over my fingers; with only a hint of pressure it responds to my will. A shape grows up from the flared base. I run both hands up and down the column of clay, my gaze flicking back and forth between the sculpture and Rich's expression. I guess it's pretty obvious what my mind is focussed on. I try not to meet his eyes.

"Funny shape for a teapot," he remarks.

My gaze remains at groin level. "This is the spout," I say as I trace my thumb lovingly back and forth over the tip, while imagining his cock poking rudely from his fly.

Rich's attention is fixed upon the motion of my hands. His foot pumps hard making the wheel spin faster and my up and down rhythm grow frantic. I want to be working him, not clay. I'm seeing his skin darken, and hearing his breathing turn into a pant.

Abruptly, Rich stops peddling and the clay column crumples.

"Not bad," the instructor commiserates, hurrying us off so she can install another pair. She doesn't even bother to remove my artistic impression of brewer's droop from the wheel.

"What now?" I ask Rich, as I wash off the clay. Maybe he'll slip his hands inside my shirt, tweak a nipple and conjure a teapot like some street magician. Then we can forget this crap, and he can take me home to bed.

"Flea Market," he announces instead.


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