Friday, December 15, 2006

Bleeding Eyes...

I've accomplished a whole heap of nothing today. Instead, in addition to nursing a sick child, I've spend the day downloading piccies and reading fanfic - most of it truly appalling. Why, you might ask, am I indulging in this particularly pointless excercise? Simple - escapism, and it occassionally makes me laugh. Also, I worked my socks off during the early part of the week getting the AGW2 proposal done and sent off, so I deserve some downtime. Thursday, I was so tired it felt as though my eyes had been sandpapered. Today I still feel fried.

Still, I have achieved one useful thing today. I've come up with a title for my demon novella. I find titles really difficult, so I'm quite pleased about this one.

I'm giving myself tomorrow off too, and going to meet fellow Black Lace authors, Portia da Costa, Mathilde Madden and Nikki Magennis, for a festive gathering. Should be a scream. Watch out Manchester, here we come!

Other news - Anais Nohant left a lovely comment about Dark Designs on MySpace, and also wrote about it in her blog. Seems I inspired her to check out the local comic store! Thank you, Anais, for your kind words. To read about her adventure click here and check out the entries for December 8th & 9th.

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