Friday, December 08, 2006


New notebook day today. Yes, I go through alot of notebooks. Probably why I bought two this time, one lilac and one blue, both with handfinished silk covers. Yes, I have expensive tastes in notebooks, but their scrumminess is an incentive to write.

Blue one is destined to be AGW2 notebook 2, while the lilac will be accomadating a new project, tada... I've finally got my act together and made a start on that paranormal novella I've been banging on about.

I'm still working out the details but my editor is happy with the basic plot, so example text for that required asap. It's a demon/demon hunter tale for anyone interested in my nonsense, which is as much as I'm prepared to say at the moment. Although, I do have images picked out for my main characters, both of them men, despite one of the character definitely being a woman in the story. Hehe, that's got you wondering, hasn't it... I might be persuaded to post piccies in the future.

Right now, I'm off to do some relaxing. It is Friday evening, you know!

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kristina lloyd said...

I love new notebooks. Mine are the same every time: Silvine, A4, spiral bound, no margin, narrow lines, ref no. 141. Very basic and cheap. My local stationer stopped selling them a few years ago because they ‘weren’t popular’. Thought I’d never be able to write again till I tracked them down elsewhere. And the pen has to be Pilot V5 (black ink, of course) - apart from those all important coloured felt-tip moments. Not that I'm fussy or anything.

MR James - spooky!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hi Kristina,

Ah, you see I don't do lines. I shun lines, because sometimes I like writing things at crazy angles.

Pen is whichever biro I can keep tabs on for more than five minutes.