Monday, December 04, 2006

Hateful Synopsis

Today is rubbish. Word count is rubbish. Synopsis is.... ah, well to simply say it's rubbish would be understating the problem. It may contain the correct number of words but none of them are good words.

Currently, said synopsis reduces what I hope will be an emotional rollercoaster of a ride and a great book to a whole heap of nothingness. The problem, I suspect, is that there are no easy plot points eg. they dig in spot X and find the treasure, as everything revolves around the characters, their angst and personal dilemmas.

I'm beginning to think I should shoehorn in a bit of mystery, just so I have something to write about in the synopsis :=)

And to make things worse, I can't concentrate on anything else while this is hanging over my head..errrrggghhhh! Need to make progress of shorts with deadlines in January, and outline paranormal novella beyond crow-feathers, sharp knife, bike and blond.

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Tilly said...

Perhaps a little Jack/Ianto fanfic will help

Madelynne said...

Hehe, very funny!

Bad, Tilly... I'm supposed to be working...

Though was much amused on Sunday night when other half who had totally missed all the Jack/Ianto squee, said: 'Hang on. Did he just proposition him?'