Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Best laid plans.

Getting along okay today, despite mucho work avoidance.

I have been trying to write, honest. It's just that reading is so much easier. Email/Blog stuff mostly, although I did finish off Standish too.

Enjoyed it, although there were irritating things about it, like the use of italics (pet peeve) and some seriously dictionary intensive passages (marmoreally anyone, or am I just dense?). Now, I like big words, but sometimes, methinks, simpler is best, and that's all I'm going to say, other than if you fancy some m/m historical romantic drama you might enjoy it too. Oh, and that I liked the Newgate bit best.

But, getting back to the point of this post: the excruciating agony that is short story writing. I'm having the same problem with this call that I had for the last Wicked Words call. The story I had planned is diabolical crap with nary a shred of erotic content. To alieviate this problem I resorted to my tried and true method of soaking in the bath and thinking other thoughts. Bingo, story idea, well, once I'd got out this time. Still that saves me getting pruned. The trouble with said story idea, is it's about ruddy vampires isn't it. Exactly what I said I wasn't going to write about. Bleeding typical. Anyway, I'm going with the flow. Maybe once I've spilled this... cough... gem onto the page the original story will miraculously come good. Fingers crossed, everyone.

Oh, and I've also realised that I need to write at least 1K of words every day if I'm going to get my planned novels and novellas done this year. I know it doesn't sound a lot, but to put it in perspective, I have exactly one month in which to write my paranormal novella - ha- though I'm told miracles do happen.

Recently watched: Torchwood (they had cultists, what more do I need to add:-))
Currently listening to: Dirge of Cerebus Soundtrack
Currently reading: Just finished, Standish by Erastes, just starting Saihoshi Vol 2 by Kosen.


Erastes said...

Thank you for reading Standish!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hey Erastes,

Thanks for dropping by, and despite my bemoaning about long words, I did thoroughly enjoy Standish. I know cause I read it in about two days. And I was impressed by the level of research that had obviously gone into it.

Portia Da Costa said...

Good luck with your vamp short story... I am having a helluva tussle with my short for the paranormal collection... and have a nasty feeling that this is another WW that I'll be quarantined from... :(

No vamps for me, in fact not sure what it's about... even whether it's actually paranormal...

Ack, this writing, it's a lark, innit?