Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bleeding Vampires

I finished my vampire story yesterday (sigh). It's terrible, and I mean really truly awful. The only thing that's good about it is the title, and that's stolen. Maybe I'm not cut out to write paranormals.

I will admit to having something of a problem with the whole genre or at least with writing it. The thing is everything is so damn action orientated and pop videoish these days, and I like my horror dark and my ghost stories grainy. I like complexity and emotion and fear, things Underworld and the like just don't provide. And all the novels on the shelves seem to follow similar lines. Arrgh!

Anyway as sort of research (read cheap excuse), we watched Tale of a Vampire again. It's been about 10 years since I'd last seen it, and while it didn't blow me away to the same extent it did first time around, I still love it. Okay, so it looks seriously low budget, but that actually works to its advantage. It's quirky and brutal and there are no super powers in sight. Oh, and Julian Sands plays himself most excellently :-)

But, getting back to my vampire story. I really want to send something for this Wicked Words deadline cause it's the last one for the foreseeable future, but sheesh, I can't send this. Least ways, not if I want the editor to take me seriously. So, I guess I'm gonna have to do some drastic fixing or else write another story (meep), like I have any ideas... But tell me folks, what do you want to read, paranormal wise? Even if it doesn't help me sort this bleeder out, it'll be really useful info when it comes to writing my novella. I think it's pencilled in for later this month.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm... well if you are writing vamp fiction I want filth - no happy ever after redeemed by love rubbish. Vampires are brutal, bad and (in the case of David Bowie in the hunger) damn sexy!

I like the unexplained I like to have an ending I can wonder about.

Ghosts don't really work erotically for me I guess that is a mix of seeing Ghost and the entity in my life time.

However demons are a good story and oddball sex with the demon masquerading as human that could work.

I remember once reading a selection of short erotic stories (maybe wenches witches and strumpets not overly sure) with a dragon in it. Now that was different and interesting and boy did it make me try and work out logistics lol.

Quite like a bit of magic - dark being compelled against will type of stuff now that could be really something, but I've never read anythibg that really fulfilled that one. Perhaps voodoo on a hot steamy island a la the end of lord wraxhall? OOhhh having a bit with a baron samedi type character now that could be really dark and fun!

Well theres my essay :) Hope theres something useful somewhere in there xx

Oh gods I've just read this and realised I look like I'm a paranormal erotic lover. Oh well as long as it isn't sappy I'll like it!

Portia Da Costa said...

I bet your story is brilliant, really, you know... We always think the worst of our own creations, although in my case that's often justified!!!! I think I will check out Tale of a Vampire, thanks for mentioning it. I've got something vampy in the pipeline [as discussed in Via Fossa] and I'm watching everything... Think I will read some stuff too. Maybe the original Dracula, although SarahF, you will *hate* my vampire because he's a 'nice' vampire! LOL I *love* The Hunger though, and will watch that again too... and maybe read that as well.

Re. general paranormal reading... well, I don't want filth. I want mystery and beauty and erotic obsession but not in a destructive way. For me paranormal is about escaping from the general nastiness of the world at large, not investiging even more nastiness. Call me naive and all that, but that's my preference.

Having said that, you might like my WW short story offering, SarahF, if it doesn't get laughed out of Black Lace Towers... it has a very ambiguous hero for me, and a 'leave you wondering' ending... :)

Ack, sorry for rabbiting on!



Anonymous said...

I dislike action because it is hard to write. But I did write a lot of it in werebook. I was so burnt out from all that action-action I forgot to write any sex-action. Oops.

How about doing a time-slip/ time-travel? I think they count as paranormal so you could bascially do a historical

Portia Da Costa said...

Meant to say... Underworld? Blech! Flashy, meaningless rubbish... Er... characterisation, anybody? I think they forgot to include any in that dismal flick.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hey, Sarah, you're a star. Did I ever mention that!

Lots of useful suggestions here. Course if you like ambiguous endings with no redemption, you'll have to come round and watch Moon Child (featuring both the lovely Gackt & HYDE)sometime.

Demons I'm saving for the novella (yum - feathers!)Oh, and a bit of magic in there too.

Course I could always send you my seckrit project to read. That has a demon! And you can have a good laugh at my attempts to write a graphic novel.

Is the dragon story you're thinking of the one in Janine Ashbless' Cruel Enchantment? That was a little too icky for my tastes, good story though.

As of the against will stuff...Hmm, I have to think on that one.


Madelynne Ellis said...


My story is most definitely not brilliant in any sense of the word, but I've just printed it out in the hopes of making it vaguely competant.

Underworld -erk! Bad plot, bad characterisation, bad everything.

Tale of a Vampire - good luck tracking it down, we had to get it from the US.

Tilly, nice suggestin re: time travel, but I just can't get my head round it in fiction. I think I'll save the time shifts for Live roleplaying.