Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel... maybe!

Last night I was tired, which didn't bode well for getting anything done. The tiredness is as a result of my little demon of a daughter's new bedtime routine. This involves us putting her to bed and then her stripping off ten minutes later and peeing everywhere. At which point she chucks toys down the stairs and yells, 'I want potty!' until we manage to bundle her into bed again. (Sidenote: Potty is normally next to her in the bedroom.) This has been going on for about two weeks now and we've been averaging three sets of bedclothes a night! Anyway, after only one minor incident last night she actually decided to do some sleeping for a change - hurray! Mysteriously, my other half decided to do some sleeping too, which left me with potentially hours of peaceful working conditions.

But, as I said, I was tired.

So, I didn't push myself. I potted about. I wrapped up in a duvet to keep warm, and I played Animamundi (yaoi-ish novel type game). Hence, come 9.30pm I'd achieved not a jot.

However, I thought I'd just open the file and take a look at the meagre progress I've made on demon-novella... ZAP! Timewarp... I emerged two hours later having written 3K. I'm astounded :-D. There were even some good words in amongst the dross and I think I wrote a sex scene, well, all right, a masturbation scene, but finally I have characters lusting over each other.

Oh, and somewhere over the course of those two hours the heroine and her sidekick swapped names, and then the sidekick promptly changed sex/gender/I don't know, I'm confused...

Nothing done this morning, mind, but the day is still young. Wish me another timewarp...

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