Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spot the villian

Today, over at Lust Bites we're chatting about falling for our characters. I always end up hopelessly besotted with mine, but at the moment that's proving something of a challenge as I'm currently working on two novels and a novella. That amounts to eight men vying - yikes!

Anway, here's a quick quiz for you:

Say which of the following list of characters you think are heroes, which are the villians.

a) The mad mercurial bastard, Vaughan, Marquis Pennerley (yes, he's back)
b) Preening fop, Lucerne Marlinscar
c) Dissolute rogue, Raffe Devonshire
d) Demon hunter, Talon
e) Les Incroyable, Henry Tristan
f) Thieftaker, Edmund Stark
g) Demon Prince, Makaresh
h) Highwayman, Gregory Fox

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Mathilde Madden said...

Vaughan's a villian. I mean, you know I love him, but he's a villian.

Which makes Lucerne a hero, doesn't it? Well, I guess. A slightly odd kind of hero but I think he tries to do the right thing.

Otherwise I'm going to go for Makaresh and Tristan being villians and Talon, Stark and Fox being Heroes.

How'd I do?

Nikki Magennis said...

I think it's a trick question. I think they're ALL villains.

Because I know how much you like the bad boys...

Though hold on, Demon hunter Talon must be a hero too, eh? Anti-hero?

I'd like to see the book featuring all of these characters at once, in a big mad demon thieving highwayman romp. Possible?

Madelynne Ellis said...

Good effort, Nikki. You're right about most of them being bad boys, but no, I wasn't deliberately posing a trick question.


erm... 1 out of 8 (although, I'm prepared to debate some of them.)

Mathilde Madden said...

Thing is Madelynne I don't think you really write heroes. Or villians.

You write anti-heroes. Vaughan and Takeshi and Zephyr were all anti-heroes and all the more delicious.

Nikki is right, you tricked us. You are as bad as your boys!