Thursday, February 01, 2007

Look what arrived in the post...

... a copy of the Norwegian translation of Passion of Isis. I love the change of title and almost wish I'd called the book Lotus blossoms. I wonder if that title would have made it past the editor/marketing? There was a lot of debate over the title of this book before we settled on Passion of Isis. My original title was Khamseen. The editor at the time wanted to call it Delta of Isis. Passion was a compromise, though one I'm happy with. Adie the main protagonist does spend the whole book looking for Osiris' severed cock!

It is strange, though, flicking through something you wrote and being unable to read it. Though I can make more sense of this than I could of the German translation of A Gentleman's Wager. Wonder why they decided to call her Adina throughout? Does Adie mean something in Norwegian? Anyone know?

In other news, I have a story up in the ERWA galleries. Follow the link below to read, Carn Euny.

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