Friday, February 09, 2007

Snow excuse

It snowed yesterday, so like virtually everyone else, I took the day off. I love snow... It makes everything so pretty, and it brings back lovely memories of LRP at midnight in the snow, making people crawl through tunnels full of sugar puffs (the breakfast cereal, not anything else) and scaring the wits out of people. Hoo hoo! Cue manic evil grin.

We've begun plotting the next LRP event. I'm pretending otherwise, though, because I know if I let myself, I'll get sucked in wholesale and start devising fiendish puzzles and elaborate costumes, and really, I need to finish at least demon-novella first.

On which subject, I haven't posted recently because I've been working. Really. Not that you'd think it to look at my word count. Not that word count is everything! The thing is, I'm such a perfectionist, I have to go back and edit as I go along, which means I can work all day tweaking and actually have a word count lower than it was at the start of the day...sigh.

Other stuff:
Over at Lustbites today, the lovely Wendy (aka Portia da Costa) is talking about the famous inspirations for her books Continuum and Gothic Blue. Anyway, I thought I'd join in the fun and post my inspiration for Demon-novella lead.

Yeah, yeah, no guesses as to who it is, but here's the exact image. I love this song... this video...

Oh, and for anyone who wants to know what he's singing about click here
I didn't post this version, as I find you're paying so much attention to the subs you don't actually see the images.

Recently watched: The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Cheese, but fun cheese. Some nice background touches re: mountain witch make-up & the ending, but really, was it absolutely necessary to have the rap soundtrack and the black American sidekick! Why couldn't it have a J-rock soundtrack and a Japanese side-kick?)
Currently listening to: Snow falling.
Currently reading: Just finished Mistral's Kiss by Laurell K Hamilton, just started, Asking for Trouble, by Kristina Lloyd.

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