Saturday, February 17, 2007


So half-term is nearly over, and what do I have to show for it? Well...erm... I finally have a bath panel on my bath. That's progress, isn't it?

It's been a bad week for writing. I haven't even considered doing anything with demon-novella, since Monday en route to meet the lovely Mathilde Madden for lunch. We had a long, long chat and didn't feel even a teensy need to do any shopping. Why do people assume that just cause you're in a shopping mall you're going to shop? Coffee lady was very perplexed by that one.

Anyway, writing... nothing since the few paragraphs about the gorgeous purple carpet on the train. My excuse, if I need one, is that I've been totally revamping my website. It's been bugging me for a while. I like it the way it is, but it's not really me. This new version is definitely me, and I hope it's more friendly. I'll be doing the switch over soon, once I've finished tweaking. Just don't expect anything amazing, okay, this is me designing it.

Recently watched: Initial D (Enjoyable, especially worth it for seeing Anthony Wong getting dropped down the stairs) & Silent Hill (Who on earth puts Sean Bean in a film as an afterthought?).
Currently listening to: Other half hooked on Animamundi (or Animal Monday, as it's now been branded by my son), which I've now finished.
Currently reading: Asking for Trouble by Kristina Lloyd.

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