Friday, March 09, 2007

Audio Erotica

More good news! (I seem to be on a roll, which just about makes up for the distinct lack of writing done this week. I have my excuses, and for a change, they're good ones.) Right, What was I saying?

Heard from my editor yesterday, and A Gentleman's Wager has been chosen as one of the first set of audio books they plan to release. I'm quite excited about it, though it'll be weird hearing someone else read it out. During the editing process I read each chapter aloud to get a feel for weird phrasing, dialogue, rhythm etc. I'm not sure when they're scheduled for release yet, but I'll let you all know.

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Currently reading: Still reading Zowie! It's Yaoi! ed by Marilyn Jaye Lewis & The Back Passage by James Lear has just arrived. Looking forward to that.


Mathilde Madden said...

This is such great news - for so many reasons.

Wow! I am so pleased about this. Is it going to be on CD? Do you get any copies?

kristina lloyd said...

Wow - it's so exciting round your gaff these days. Congrats!

I've been wanting to read AGW for a while. And now, not only is there a reprint on its way, we get a hands-free version too! Excellent. Can we do some kind of podcast on Lust Bites?

Nikki Magennis said...

Woo hoo! Lovely news, Madelynne!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Gosh, I wish I knew some details. I hope whoever they have doing the reading has a lovely voice. Here in the Ellis household we've been casting our own favourite sexy voice actors.

Hmm, Mark Cousins. Totally wrong for the book, but I can listen to him for hours. I've lost track of the number of films he convinced me to watch.

Robin Ellis... perfect for the book setting.

Or my personal fave, some unknown actor that was on a documentary about the Marquis de Sade reading his poetry. Aw! I wanted to hire him for dinner parties.

SarahF said...

I have to say I'd like to hear the gentleman of chez ellis :)

Purely to see if he could read the whole book out loud without one aside or funny voice. (No shave hims allowed either!)