Monday, March 05, 2007


I finished the first draft of Broken Angel (demon-novella) last night. I can't believe it's only been six weeks since I started on it. If I can manage that pace, theoretically, I should be able to write a novel in four months! Hmm, three a year... It's never gonna happen.

Anyway, normally, once I've completed the first draft of a novel I like to set the manuscript aside for a while before I start the polishing process. That way I get a bit of distance from the characters and story. However, in this case, I'm going to plough straight back in. Having spent such a short time on it, I can barely remember what I've written, so I don't think distance will be a problem. Also, I've only just got used to these characters. I don't want to say goodbye yet. Although, even once the novella is complete, I know it won't be goodbye forever, because the story is far from over. I think it has potential as a series of three novellas.

There is one other reason I'm eager to finish it up. Yep, you've got it, I'm itching to get back to writing Phantasmagoria. Vaughan is calling me... :-)

Recently watched: Warrior King (Tony Jaa doing Tony Jaa stuff. Okay, amazing Tony Jaa stuff.)
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