Saturday, March 24, 2007


Productivity has reached an all time low over the last few days. Partly this has been because of the dire lurgy I've been (and still am) suffering from, and partly it's been because I've been stuck on a particular scene, which has resisted all my best fix it tactics. I decided today that something more drastic was necessary.

So, I've had a mammoth soak and a major rethink of that particular plot point and decided I'm better off without it. It was only causing trouble anyway, and taking it out means I can spend more time developing other aspects of the book and certain other characters I've taken a shine to (eg, the adorable Henry Tristan).

Weirdly, extracting this particular plot thread has also kick started several libidos (a jolly good thing considering this is supposed to be erotica) and made room to incorporate a few more frivolous period details.

I think I'm happy again.

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Portia Da Costa said...

Mmmm... I need to get into my bath and come up with an extra plot thread or two for smalltown! I don't suppose your spare plot thread would fit in my WIP, would it? LOL