Monday, April 30, 2007

The Road Ahead...

So, the narrative is flowing. I'm forcing myself onwards even though a large part of me wants to step back, to shy away from the course I've set.

This morning I've been working on two faintly comic scenes and thinking of a third - the dark and emotive heart of the story... listening to Scott Walker as I gear myself up to write it.

Already I feel the weight of broken dreams as the character's skin tightens around mine. Sometimes you have to be them, you have to lose part of yourself to understand what they are truly feeling.The next two weeks (maybe more) will be difficult.

How do you prepare yourself to tear half your heart out?

I could step back, just skim over the surface and move on, but I know that would be cheating, and ultimately dissatisfying. So wish me luck.

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My opinions of 'His Dark Materials' are decidedly mixed, but I can't resist this sort of pointless displacement activity.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Progress update

I'm tootling along with my various projects, but boy can I feel the deadlines pressing down on me.

Broken Angel is on the shelf for the moment as it is almost done apart from some tidying up and checking I've not left anything hanging.

Phantasmagoria is plodding along slowly, (That's me plodding, not the storyline.) but I'm aiming to have the first draft finished by the end of May. At the moment I'm just trying to keep on track while weaving the various plot threads together and maintain an air of eroticism. Believe me, keeping things constantly crackling between the characters is not always easy, and this is made more so by the fact that at least some of the characters know each other very well.

Other news, over at SmartBitches they've been discussing recommended erotic reads and a few kind souls have been sweet enough to name me. So, thanks to Eva Gale, BevL, Dayle and Wendy :-)


Romance Galleria

Hey, this is an Advance Warning...

I've booked a chat slot for Monday 2nd July over at the Romance Galleria cafe. So mark it in your diaries and then come over and chatter. I'm really looking forward to this, and I'll be giving away prizes. Might even see if I can track down a copy of the increasingly hard to find, A Gentleman's Wager to give away.

Sorry anyone in the UK, the chats are hosted at 9pm EST, which is about 2am. Yep, I know, very late night!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

They just don't get it...

My local church hall has a doormat that reads: 'Backdoor guests are best.'

They just don't get why I crack up every time I see it! *grin*

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Review

Just found this review for Dark Designs over at Romance Divas. 4 kisses. Hurray!

Not sure why the review thought BL had only just discovered m/m, as they've been doing it since the year dot!

Virgin Party

Phew! So I'm back from the London Book Fair and Virgin Books party. Okay, I actually got back on Tuesday, but I was exhausted and it's taken until now to recover. I had a totally excellent time and finally got to meet some of my Lust Bites chums in addition to my editor. I didn't take any pictures, but the lovely Janine Ashbless was rather more organised and did the honours. If you want to take a look you can see them over at Lust Bites.

In addition to a pile of catalogues and book fair freebies, I also came home with a contract! Yep, my demon novella, actually titled Broken Angel is going to be one of three stories in a novella collection out in Feb 08 called Possession. I'm absolutely thrilled, as I get to share the billing with the very talented Mathilde Madden.

Also being dished out at the book fair/party were Virgin's new romance & erotica brochures. Here's a little taster, for Love on the Dark Side, which contains my vampire story Lust for Blood.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Breaking News

Just had confirmation from my editor, Phantasmagoria (AGW2) will be published in March 2008. That means my deadline is September *yikes* better get on with it!

First though, I'm going to enjoy myself at the London Book Fair.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Holiday hiatus

Sorry for the lack of posts. Easter holidays are to blame. I've been busy spring cleaning, giving my poor garden a make-over and hunting eggs. I haven't got much writing done of any variety. AGW2 has suffered just as much as my poor old blog.

Despite the slow progress on AGW2, I'm happy with how the threads are coming together. I had to reinstate the plot line a drop a few weeks back, although it's returned in a slightly different form.

Other bit of news I've had is that No Limits! is going to be the opening story in G is for Games. I'm really thrilled about that. Opening an anthology is a first for me, and I'm sharing a cover with the likes of Rachel Kramer Bussel & Emily Dubberley.

One good thing about the holidays, is that I've had a chance to watch a few films including the long awaited Another Country. It was worth the wait and very enjoyable, but in someways also very much a product of the time it was made (80's). It's also, sadly, only half a story. I wanted the rest, not for it to stop when it had only just got really interesting.

Next on the viewing list is Pan's Labyrinth. I have high expectations of this as I'm a big fan of del Toro's other works eg. The Devil's Backbone and Cronos.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dark Designs Competition Winner

Thanks to everyone who left a comment both here and over at Lustbites.

The winner is May!

Please get in touch at madelynne at madelynne-ellis dot com to claim your prize.

Madelynne xx

Monday, April 02, 2007


Well now, last night I thought my arms and legs were going to drop off, they ached so much. Then it was my ribs, and I decided that aching arms and legs really wasn't so bad. Then my son was sick, and BLAM! amazing maternal instinct overrode everything until he was sorted out, when I collapsed into a heap of aches and pains again.

This morning I'm feeling much better. Foot still hurts if I try to walk, but that's a good excuse to sit in a chair and write goddamnit! My word count over the last week has been pitiful. I was hoping to reach the 50K mark before the London Book Fair, but I very much doubt that's going to happen now. I've also realised that this book is destined to be way too long. I'm on Chapter Four at the moment, a third of the way through, and there's oceans of stuff still to cover. I foresee 90,000 words and serious cutting. Better start adding some of those words in a moment.

I did have one bit of excitement in the post this morning, some DVD's we'd ordered, including Another Country, which I've only wanted to see forever. That shall be my treat for working extra extra hard.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I can tell it's the holidays...

I think I've fractured one of the bones in my foot. It's been killing me for a week now. Course, walking 5 miles a day on various school runs probably hasn't helped, but that's just the way it is when you're a mum. I was supposed to be going ice skating tomorrow - grump!

If foot woes weren't bad enough, I've spent the morning being violently sick. Thankfully, as it's the holidays, Mr Madelynne is home, so I've been able to stay in bed. I'm currently attempting to cure myself with flat cola (can't abide the stuff normally).

...scuse me a moment. One of the kiddies appears to have wax crayoned the walls...sigh!

Anyway, still not much progress on the writing front, although I have managed to finish one particularly sticky scene, which caused Mr Madelynne, who was peeking over my shoulder, to exclaim: 'Jam and pickles!' Honestly, he's so nosy ;-)

Right, off to snuggle back under a duvet...

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