Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Progress update

I'm tootling along with my various projects, but boy can I feel the deadlines pressing down on me.

Broken Angel is on the shelf for the moment as it is almost done apart from some tidying up and checking I've not left anything hanging.

Phantasmagoria is plodding along slowly, (That's me plodding, not the storyline.) but I'm aiming to have the first draft finished by the end of May. At the moment I'm just trying to keep on track while weaving the various plot threads together and maintain an air of eroticism. Believe me, keeping things constantly crackling between the characters is not always easy, and this is made more so by the fact that at least some of the characters know each other very well.

Other news, over at SmartBitches they've been discussing recommended erotic reads and a few kind souls have been sweet enough to name me. So, thanks to Eva Gale, BevL, Dayle and Wendy :-)



Portia Da Costa said...

Worry not! You're getting on fabulously by the sound of it... you'll have loads of time to meet your deadlines.

I'm the one who should be worrying... haven't even *started* my next project yet!

Alisha Steele said...

I'm sure Phantasmagoria will be lovely! I can't wait to read every delicious sentence. And I'm definitely marking July's chat on my calender. 'Cause 'hard to get' doesn't begin to cover it. I've been trying to track down a copy of AGW for over six months. Darn it. :)


(PS This is the second time I've tried to post a comment. The first seems to have been eaten by an evil cyber monster. But if you get both, for some reason...sorry)