Monday, May 14, 2007

Silly Quiz Type thing.

I am . . . "THE 2-IN-1 DILDO"

Quiz by William Ted

Yes, like the thoroughly modern two-headed dildo in this picture, you are part of the new frontier of pleasure, the cutting edge of indulgence, the avante-garde of the new Eden. You know exactly how to reach inside people and fuck with them five different ways. And you just love it when they moan and whimper for more with every twitch of your smooth-thrusting wrist.
Some people might see you as a power tripper or an ego clown, since you're always the one at the center of the action, setting people up to make just the right prostate-banging connections with one another. And you don't really like to get wrapped up in all the frantic passion yourself; you much prefer kicking back and watching everything with a sly, slick smirk of satisfaction on your face .

But you're not on a power trip . . . oh, no. You're on a mind trip, an amazing journey of evolution and adventure. You have the awesome gift of being able to take people to places they never imagined they could go. So go ahead and let yourself get all turned on just by turning everyone else on. It's like a service you are providing to the whole human race: Being far too sexy for just one hole.
What do you think, reasonably accurate, given I'm not actually a gay man!

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