Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tagged Again!

Ack! That naughty Alison Tyler has tagged me. I'm sure I did one of these just a few short weeks ago. In fact, yes, here's the link.

But okay... (Note: I'm not posting the rules, cause I'm not tagging anyone.)

Eight more exciting facts about me you probably don't need to know.

1. I once had my door kicked in at 4am by a man wielding a chainsaw.
2. My favourite song, at the moment, is Feeling Fine by L'Arc en Ciel, because it makes me smile.
3. When I first met Mr Madelynne Ellis, he was leading a werewolf around on a chain.
4. I have no door on my bathroom.
5. My first crush was on Adam Ant.
6. I still have a thing for men in eyeliner.
7. The weirdest job I've ever had was breeding mosquitoes, and I didn't even get paid for it!
8. I'm doing a chat on Monday 9pm EST at the Romance Galleria.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another overdue update...

The weeks are just sailing by far too quickly at the moment. I'm up to my eyeballs in Phantasmagoria, still fighting to finish the first draft. It should be done this week. It had better be done this week as I need to go back to Broken Angel before it needs posting off.

I've hit sort of a stumbling block with writing the actual Phantasmagoria sequence. Although, maybe that's because I've been anticipating it being a nightmare from the outset. However, I read an interesting article last night, which reminded me what should have been obvious... Modern special effects are not necessarily the best thing when you're dealing with the paranormal. Sometimes a hazy half formed image is far more convincing.

Other news:

Both Phantasmagoria and Possession (Broken Angel) are now listed on Amazon, as is the reprint of A Gentleman's Wager. The latter is also available as an Audio download. (Cringe. I don't know whether to be excited about that or hide under a duvet.)

I managed to avoid being rained on over the weekend while meeting fellow Black Lace authors, Janine Ashbless, Nikki Magennis, and Mathilde Madden, which is quite a feat considering the UK weather at the moment.

This Friday, I'm doing a guest spot on Marketing with Mandy. If you haven't taken a look, Mandy has been highlighting different publishers each week. Giving some insightful experiences of what it's like to work with different houses.

Monday, should you have forgotten, is the chat at the Romance Galleria. Check out the sidebar for details and remember to download their software in advance, if you haven't done so already. I'll be there along with Portia da Costa, and we'll be giving away prizes from our respective back lists. We'll be in the Galleria from 7pm EST that's 11pm GMT, although the official chat doesn't begin until 9pm EST.


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A week later...

Has it really been that long! Bad me, must be a better blogger...

Well, after tying Vaughan into a sack, he retaliated by going on at length about why he didn't do fishing, while sitting in a fishing boat! He's only just got out, much to Bella's relief. That leaves me with only the final section of the book to write. I'm hoping to have it done by Friday, before I head off to meet fellow Black Lace author's Janine Ashbless, Mathilde Madden, & Nikki Magennis.

Meanwhile, I've had some positive feedback on Broken Angel, which has left me eager to get back to it, and do those final tweaks it needs before I send it off to the editor. Once Phantasmagoria is sent off in September, I'm planning to put together a proposal for a novel length sequel to Broken Angel. Watch this space.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Just for fun...

Have tied Vaughan in a sack. Am now contemplating a very deep and murky lake.

What! You want to know why?

You'll just have to wait until next March to find out.

Meanie, aren't I? Needless to say, he's none to chuffed about it.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Why are muses so fickle?

The last week has been a proper slog just trying to get anything on paper. I've been doing my best, but it's not easy when you've hit a stumbling block and have other things weighing on your mind. My muse had deserted me. Leastways, that's what I thought...

Muse...ack! Why do you only appear when a) I am in the bath and the water is rapidly going cold, or b) late at night when I am tucked up cozy in bed and have an early start in the morning? Why can't you come out to play while I'm sitting at the laptop or in the sunshine with a cuppa?

Also, what is it about writing sex scenes that makes them so elusive you have to write them down immediately or risk never recapturing the moment? questions for the day, while I work on seating arrangements for tea, how best to tie a man in a sack, and whether a wine glass or a napkin is the item of the moment. Don't ask ;-)

Location, Location

So, I've just started reading Made for Sin, by Celia May Hart, which is jogging along nicely at the moment, pulling me in. I really haven't got very far. When, wham! They are suddenly in Durham!

I did think it was case of super carriage again, but I've since seen mention of three days travel time from London, so I'm prepared to overlook that brief blip. However, the character having arrived in Durham, then describes Durham Cathedral as squat and likely to collapse if he looked too hard at it! Eh! Oh, and no mention of the castle that stands next door.

Squat! I don't get it - well, maybe looking at it from a distance perched on top of the hill, but really, what exactly are we comparing it to here? It's an enormous building and towers over the rest of the city.

End of moan, cause I really am nitpicking here, and I'm otherwise enjoying the read.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Doom & Gloom

Sorry about the infrequency of posts, I'm feeling rather miserable at the moment. Grim news of last week has sapped me of creativity. This is not a good state to be in with a novella and a novel due for delivery over the summer, the latter of which I feel is complete bollocks at the moment. I LOVE these characters, and I want to be able to write more about them in the future, so I have got to get this right.

Vaughan - tell me what you have planned, please.
Bella - stop being so angsty.
Niamh - make your mind up girl.

Oh, and someone tell Raffe bloody Devonshire that he is not the star of this book!

Meanwhile, if anyone has any fantastic ideas, please send them my way. Failing that, some positive vibes would probably do.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

New Room

Just a quickie, as it's been a horrid day full of grim news, apart from this of course...

My Romance Galleria Suite is now online! Well, it's not entirely mine, as I'm sharing with the delightful Portia da Costa, but oooohhh it's exciting! Anyway, we'll be hanging out in our room tomorrow evening 11pm (that's 6pm EST), so if anyone fancies dropping by for a nosey and a chat, please do. If we get a good crowd, we might even do prizes.

Be sure to drop by Lust Bites tomorrow too, as Portia da Costa gives us a preview of Suite Seventeen due out any day now. I'm looking forward to this one :-)

Meanwhile, here are some pretties to cheer me up...

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