Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Doom & Gloom

Sorry about the infrequency of posts, I'm feeling rather miserable at the moment. Grim news of last week has sapped me of creativity. This is not a good state to be in with a novella and a novel due for delivery over the summer, the latter of which I feel is complete bollocks at the moment. I LOVE these characters, and I want to be able to write more about them in the future, so I have got to get this right.

Vaughan - tell me what you have planned, please.
Bella - stop being so angsty.
Niamh - make your mind up girl.

Oh, and someone tell Raffe bloody Devonshire that he is not the star of this book!

Meanwhile, if anyone has any fantastic ideas, please send them my way. Failing that, some positive vibes would probably do.

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t'Sade said...

Sadly, I can't give you any ideas because I'm generally clueless in that aspect, but positive vibes are worth it. Writing is a royal pain in the ass some day. It feels like the words are being shoved through a reverse osmosis filter, except that the water pump is on the wrong side and you seem to be going against the flow. But, in the end, you have a lovely polished piece of... water that everyone says is clean tasting, wonderful aftertaste, and sometimes they offer to put you in the best water of the country contest.

How about that for a screwed up metaphor? :)

Or, as I've been telling myself in the tone from Finding Nemo: Just keep writing, just keep writing...

Madelynne Ellis said...

T'sade, I like your metaphor. It appeals to the scientist in me. Ah, fun times, squishing things through filters. I've done truly diabolical things to mosquitoes!

See, you've raised a smile. Those positive vibes are working already.

Thanks xx

Portia Da Costa said...

Sending all good vibes, buddy! You know that I know how hard it is...

I would send ideas, but I'm a bit of a void in that area myself at the moment too. But I'm sure we'll both have plenty, and some to spare, once our writing mojos are revived.

Hang in there, mate!

t'sade... Brilliant metaphor! Love it!

Nikki Magennis said...

Me and an old friend had a 'doom and gloom' pact. If it came to it, we had to just phone each other and say 'doom' and then we'd go to the park with one bottle of champagne and one bottle of whisky.

So, you know, I'm here if you need a doom call.

As for the writing - I know you'll pull it off. Borrow Tilly's handcuffs for Raffe and beat the buggers into submission...

Lots of hugs and balloons.


Madelynne Ellis said...

Wendy, your good vibes are much appreciated, but save some for yourself, so you get over your lurgy.

Nikki, the doom and gloom plan sounds brilliant. Perhaps one for the 23rd. As for borrowing Tilly's handcuffs, hmmm... I think he might enjoy that too much, but I have concocted an alternative involving rope and lots of Hessian sacking ;-)