Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Location, Location

So, I've just started reading Made for Sin, by Celia May Hart, which is jogging along nicely at the moment, pulling me in. I really haven't got very far. When, wham! They are suddenly in Durham!

I did think it was case of super carriage again, but I've since seen mention of three days travel time from London, so I'm prepared to overlook that brief blip. However, the character having arrived in Durham, then describes Durham Cathedral as squat and likely to collapse if he looked too hard at it! Eh! Oh, and no mention of the castle that stands next door.

Squat! I don't get it - well, maybe looking at it from a distance perched on top of the hill, but really, what exactly are we comparing it to here? It's an enormous building and towers over the rest of the city.

End of moan, cause I really am nitpicking here, and I'm otherwise enjoying the read.

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Portia Da Costa said...

Well, that majestic and stately cathedral doesn't look squat to me! I wonder if the author has only seen a very small photo of it or something? And one where the perspective is skewed?