Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tagged Again!

Ack! That naughty Alison Tyler has tagged me. I'm sure I did one of these just a few short weeks ago. In fact, yes, here's the link.

But okay... (Note: I'm not posting the rules, cause I'm not tagging anyone.)

Eight more exciting facts about me you probably don't need to know.

1. I once had my door kicked in at 4am by a man wielding a chainsaw.
2. My favourite song, at the moment, is Feeling Fine by L'Arc en Ciel, because it makes me smile.
3. When I first met Mr Madelynne Ellis, he was leading a werewolf around on a chain.
4. I have no door on my bathroom.
5. My first crush was on Adam Ant.
6. I still have a thing for men in eyeliner.
7. The weirdest job I've ever had was breeding mosquitoes, and I didn't even get paid for it!
8. I'm doing a chat on Monday 9pm EST at the Romance Galleria.


Alison Tyler said...

Oh, Adam Ant. Yes, Adam Ant! I like men in eyeliner, too. In my junior high, two boys (Tim and Matt) dressed like Adam Ant for the better part of a year. I had a crush on both of them.

Thank you for playing along, Madelynne!


Portia Da Costa said...

They're naughty monkeys, these taggers, aren't they?

t'Sade said...

1. A man wielding a chainsaw? Any specific reason or just someone who wanted to see you jump? It does remind me of the America's Funniest Videos where some parents were explaining how their boys were up all night watching Texas Chainsaw Massacar and were now sleeping with the lights on. The father came in with a mask and a chainsaw, when to the other side of the room and let it rip.

3. Convention?

4. Heh, I did that when I ripped out my bathroom one year. Six months of no door.

6. Me too.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hey T'sade

1. We were playing 'The Thing' if you've seen that movie!

3. Erm, no!

4. Yeah, bathroom still isn't finished. Must be getting on for a year without a door.

Madeline Moore said...

The event was fun, Madelynne. Thanks for the invitation. And yay I won a book! I've never had/been an avatar before and I like it. Thanks Madelynne.