Monday, July 02, 2007

Romance Galleria chat

Today is the day...

This evening come and join Portia da Costa and myself at the Romance Galleria for some fun chat, prizes and hopefully some giggles. The chat starts at 9pm EST and lasts for a couple of hours. You need to download the Galleria software in advance, and it may take a little while.

Also, while you're there, please visit our very own suite and leave us a message in our guestbook.

Also today, nip over to Lust Bites check out the teaser from my forthcoming release, Broken Angel.

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QB said...

*Fangirl Squee*

Oh, I'm so glad I popped over here today! I didn't realize that A Gentleman's Wager was now available in audio!

I've read that book enough times, you'd think I wouldn't be so excited about the audio- but now I can "read" it again while I'm doing something else (like work, gak!)What did you think of the aural version?

So, in reading the blog, it appears that it will be March 2008 before we get to see how Vaughan ended up in a sack? That's just cruel!


Madelynne Ellis said...

Hi BevL, thanks for dropping by. The audio version is not too bad. Although, they don't sound anything like how I hear them in my head, and the reader can't pronounce Lauwine. Oh, and there's at least one sentence attributed to the wrong person.

Yes, March 2008 for the UK release of Phantasmagoria, (assuming I ever manage to finish writing the bugger.)


QB said...

Now see, in my naive little world, I just always assumed that the audio production company verified pronunciations with the author.

I guess I'll have to rethink some of the pronunciations I've heard in audio books.

March 2008 for release of Phantasmagoria in the UK, huh? I sure hope it's not too long a wait after that before we get it over here in the USA. And I also sure hope that the title makes perfect sense after reading the book! ;P


Ally said...

Hi Madelynne,
I would like to thankyou for the great evening of conversation at the galleria, I really enjoyed myself and I hope we do it again. It was great meeting you.

QB said...

Me again! I'm not a stalker, really I'm not!

I pimped A Gentleman's Wager on my blog yesterday and was asked where it's available (Amazon is only showing used copies). I've had this question before about it, and know that other people are waiting for it, too. So I figured I'd get the answer straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Do you know when Black Lace plans a reissue? Do you know if it's available anywhere as an ebook?