Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Phantasmagoria

Thirteen Things about MADELYNNE ELLIS

1. I'm working on Phantasmagoria, the sequel to A Gentleman's Wager.

2. At this moment, I'm supposed to be rewriting Chapter 12.

3. My deadline for this book is in 18 days time.

4. This book takes place three years after the events of A Gentleman's Wager, in 1800.

5. I'm hopelessly in love with Vaughan (again).

6. I'm convinced that everyone who reads this book will hate me by the halfway stage.

7. The story doesn't end with this book. (Still need to convince my editor of that.)

8. I intend to write two short bonus teasers to accompany the book, which will cover key events leading up to the opening of Phantasmagoria. (More on that later.)

9. There are at least two characters introduced in this novel that I want to write more about.

10. I'm praying the covers for Phantasmagoria and the reprint of A Gentleman's Wager are gorgeous.

11. I have three defining factors which I use when writing Vaughan, but I'm not saying what they are.

12. He's still mad, bad and dangerous to know. (Grin.)

13. 'It's still all Dom's fault.'

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Terra Kent said...

I will definitely be picking up some of your writing :-)

Madelynne Ellis said...

Gosh, thanks! I hope you like it.