Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The working day of an erotic writer...

Get up, switch on laptop. Read & reply to email while eating breakfast. Write. Get to half past one and realise it's probably time for lunch. Write some more. Make tea for family. Check email again. Stuff kiddies into bed. Write. At about half eight realise I'm braindead. Take a break by watching an hour of comedy. Write. Decide at about 2am that's it for the night. Chill out watching Gackt wiggle his butt on YouTube, and by watching Japanese TV! 3am, realise my eyes feel like they've been peeled. Sleep.

Obviously, it's not always like this... Just at the moment, while I have a scarily close deadline.

Recently watched: Coupling, Season 2
Currently listening to: 666 by HYDE
Currently reading: Phantasmagoria edits.

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