Monday, October 01, 2007

Finally, words on the page...

I'm feeling pleased with myself today. After spending much of September doing not a lot really, I've got October off to a good start having written 3.5K so far. I hope to add to that this evening, maybe getting it up to 4K.

What are all these words about you may ask... Well, they're about Vaughan, Bella and Lucerne. Not another novel (not yet), but some extra teaser type bits. The plan is to make one story available on my website and the other as an Amazon Short. Both stories take place in the time between the end of A Gentleman's Wager and the start of Phantasmagoria, and they provide a bit of sneak peek at what the characters' lives are like.

I've also been collecting my thoughts regarding a couple of other new projects. I'm still not sure which will come first, the dodgy Georgian AGW spin-off, or the contemporary menage-y madness, they're still battling it out in my brain for dominance. But Kit, I've decided definitely needs a scrummy tattoo, though perhaps not one as delicately positioned as this one.

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QB said...

Now, that idea? Brilliant! Because I can read both the story on your website and I can download the the short from Amazon and I'll be all caught up and ready to go for Phantasmagoria.

Oh wait. I live in the USA. I've got an even LONGER wait.