Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blobs on the page...

My writing method has become rather haphazard over the last few weeks. The last few novels I've been very methodical about for the most part, writing from beginning to end, and I'm trying to stick to that for this current project but it's not always happening. Actually, it's not just that I find I'm suddenly sketching out scenes for later in this book, but I'm actually writing rough drafts of scenes that take place in the following book, and the one after that. Yep, I appear to be writing bits of three different books at once. Admittedly, they are part of a series and related, and the characters appear throughout, but it's still disorientating. I feel as if it'll all run away with me if I'm not careful.

Meanwhile the book I'm supposed to be getting the proposal together for is slowly taking shape. I have a much clearer idea of where I'm headed now, but I suspect it's going to be a project that demands SEVERAL major rewrites. At the moment it's rough, and I know the complex emotions behind peoples actions aren't nearly finely tuned enough. Also, I'm trying very hard not to become too entranced by one of the secondary(ish) characters. Musn't make him more exciting than the hero or everyone will wonder why the heroine doesn't run off with him instead. Ah, the dilemma's of writing.

On a slightly different topic, I'm trying to decide which book to read next. Hmm, cast your votes...

Emma Holly's Fairyville
Mathilde Madden's The Silver Collar (already read an early version of this one, but this is the finished goods)
More of Sooyen Won's Let Dai
or All about Love, by Stephanie Laurens.

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Portia Da Costa said...

Read Fairyville! It's whimsical but hot with it, and there's lots of sizzling m/m action!

Saskia Walker said...

I vote for Fairyville, but that's only cos I'm busting to read it myself ;-)

Your current working method is sounding a lot like where I'm at right now.

QB said...

All About Love- there is a lovely HEA epilogue to the original six Bar Cynster books at the end of it.