Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm trying...

... to sweat that is. But someone out there seems determined to keep me from my work in progress. We're only three weeks in and I've already had a set of proofs, a family holiday and now... another set of proofs. And proofs always need checking and returning yesterday.

Gad, all I want to do is finish the first damn chapter of AGW-spin-off. It doesn't seem much to ask, does it?

Anyway, please wish me luck with the Phantasmagoria proofs (doesn't seem like five minutes since I finished writing it). I really hope I don't spot any major plot holes, or dubious edits, or six-zillion spelling mistakes and historical inaccuracies. I really hope I like it too.

The picture, BTW, is from Ai No Kusabi, which is my favourite piece of yaoi anime, and a fantastic story. The novel has finally been translated and is due out later this month. I think it might be my reward for reaching say 25K.

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Portia Da Costa said...

Good luck with those proofs... and oh cripes, Gothic Heat is out the month following Phantasmagoria so my proofs for that won't be all that long behind yours...

I'm not writing today because I'm in one of my chainsaw moods again.