Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bustling Birmingham

Lunch today with Mathilde Madden, which as always was lots of fun, but it was strange to meet her and not have a list of suggestions to offer on one of her werebooks, since the series is now complete. She'll have to write something new else what will I have to keep me on my toes. I do enjoy reading other peoples early drafts and commenting upon them, but I have limited time to do so, and I like to know that I'm going to get something that I'm going to enjoy into the bargain. Ah, well, I'm sure she'll have a new project on the go soon.

Meanwhile, we caught up on all the gossip, discovered just how "ultimate" a chicken burger can be, and probably scandalized several of our close neighbours in the somewhat overcrowded pub. Honestly, the place is normally quiet, but today everyone was eating there! We are such trend setters!

Anyway, progress on the 'Three Musketeers' or whatever the hell this book is called is slowly being made. I'm part way through chapter four, which is nearly a third of the book - wow! Sounds good. Really, I feel as if I've barely started, but I do like these characters. They are lots of fun, and there are a couple of scenes later on that I'm really looking forward to writing. You just can't beat a bit of rampant m/m action as a nice backdrop LOL. Not sure my editor will agree.

Anyone care to express any title opinions? Possibilities include:

Fortune's Kiss
Star of Fortune
Fortuna's Star
Free Love
Three Rakehells & a Loose Woman
Hellfire and Damnation!
Something about Crocodilles

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Portia Da Costa said...

Something About Crocodiles


Nikki Magennis said...

Mm, I second that vote!

If not crocodiles, I like Star of Fortune.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Grrr! Seriously people! This book needs a working title by Monday.

Sedonia Guillone said...

Hey again, Madelynne - who's the person in the photo? Just curious. Sedonia

Madelynne Ellis said...

The man in the photo is Ekin Cheng, star of many Hong Kong triad films and loads of other stuff. I believe he has a singing career too.

I'm in love with his collarbone.

The rest of isn't bad either.

Thanks for stopping by, Sedonia.

Sedonia Guillone said...

You're a collarbone woman, too, eh? An underrated part of the male anatomy. I always like to include one snippet of collarbone licking or kissing per book.