Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've woken up feeling really yucky today. Major queasy. I'm hoping it will pass, and it just due to less than adequate sleep. I dreamed I was playing monopoly with my editor while attempting to brainstorm a title for my current WIP. If we came up with one, I don't recall it.

Yesterday I had a break from my rakehells and spent a day concentrating on the girlies. In some respects there's little difference between the two groups, save perhaps that the ladies are not quite so lewd. What is rather unexpected about them is that one character is digging her heels in and demanding a bigger part. I've given her it, largely because it made sense. I've also thought a bit about where it will consequently lead her, which is not where I think most people will suspect.
Still, short of a few lines of notes, I'm pushing her to the back of my mind. I've too many projects I want to work on without another one clamouring for attention. Guess I need to learn to write faster so I don't have quiet such a backlog.

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